Batten Down the Hatches/Braving the Storm


It’s been weeks since you were forced to yield to the vile murderer who captured your vessel. You still know little about the man who ordered the attack, though his followers refer to him simply as Slag. You have been absorbed into the crew of a massive battleship called Copperplate. Most of the other crew seem to have joined Slag’s forces under similar circumstances. Everyone is in fearful awe of the dark murderer. Captain Slendercane of your vessel seems to melt whenever Slag comes on board. Just a week ago Slendercane had been First Mate, but was promoted when the former captain refused to attack a vessel carrying a Catholic Cardinal. The remains of the former captain are still bound high on the main mast, where Slag had him nailed after his tongue was removed.  It was an unpleasant couple of days waiting for the man to die.

Now it seems a tremendous battle on the open seas is about to take place, and during a storm, no less! But no one would dare to disobey an order from Slag. Captain Slendercane finishes reading a message received by pigeon and begins ordering everyone to prepare to brave the storm. You’ll have to keep close to yer mates…best to have someone at yer back you can trust!

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