Naval Bulwark / Maritime Barricade

captain's quarters

Candle light flickers on the table as you crouch in the shadows, hidden behind a handful of storage crates. You are in the oversized Captain’s Quarters of Grim Drudgeon, Slag’s personal ship, where he and all of his captains are seated around a massive table. You had heard about this private meeting several days ago, and you found a way to provide yourself an entrance through a back window. You’ve been sitting here in the dark for hours, waiting for the guests to arrive. Pleasantries have drawn to a close and now the meeting is finally under way.

Slag stands up, his tremendous form looming over the others. A wild black beard juts from his face, and his dark overcoat hangs nearly to the floor. Sheathed weapons hang from his weapons belt and baldric over a dark grey tunic and charcoal breeches. He removes his leather tricorn hat, leaving his completely bald head gleaming in the candle light.

st vincent islandSlag’s voice is a rumble with a deadly edge to it. He says, “You all know what we’re up against. The Johns have gone too far. Their interference ends here. Corvis. I need you to scuttle your ship in front of St. Vincent harbor. The Johns will have to work hard to find a landing, and while they do we’ll riddle their ships with holes from our cannons mounted on the cliffs. Geraldine. You need to hold the line and prevent any ships from leaving once they’re in our trap. Maltos. You and Slendercane will lead the thrust against the main body of ships once the trap has sprung.”

Slag continues to give orders, with occasional remarks from the other captains. Then he concludes. “I know I don’t need to remind you what will happen if the Ivory Order fails to stop the Johns. If they secure a foothold, there’ll be no stopping them. Besides, I’m the bait for this trap, and if it goes awry, ye’ll all have hell to pay!”

Copperplate – Capt. Slendercane’s Ship

He glares down at everyone at the table. “’Cause make no mistake, I don’t intend to be taken alive! Or dead, for that matter…my meetin’ with the devil won’t come so soon!”

You’re not sure who the Johns are, but you know that the Ivory Order is what Slag and his inner circle call themselves. Apparently Vice Admiral Cabral is part of these Johns. In any case, he’s the one you must find. The information you hold’s as good as gold…a whole heapin’ pile of it! Which is what you’re owed for your crafty spywork.

The trick will be getting to Cabral in one piece! But what worked once may work a second time…Perhaps if you let Cabral’s forces capture your ships, you can gain a quick audience with him. The trick is to not give away your hand too soon, lest Slag’s forces eliminate you. Slipping out the back window, you find your men and begin relaying the information. With trusty sea hands in key locations on numerous ships, you may just be able to pull it off! So go head-to-head in naval attacks and let your ships be overrun! The more vessels you lose, the better your odds of getting the message to Guiomar Cabral!

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