Crooked Accounts / Follow the Money

pirate desk

Guiomar Cabral was overjoyed to receive your report. However, the reward thrust upon you by the Vice Admiral was…different than you expected. After using the information you supplied to avoid the trap laid for him by Slag, Cabral managed to destroy no small number of Slag’s forces. Sadly, the Grim Drudgeon proved a true dreadnought of a ship, and Slag escaped leaving the wreckage of no few Portuguese vessels in his wake.

Helm of the Gorgon

During the battle, you enjoyed the luxury of a seaside manor house, where you were to wait until the resolution to be paid. When Cabral arrived, he declared the bad news. “That devious slayer has again evaded justice! How long shall his blood-spilling go unpunished? Whatever I must do to lay hands on him, that will I do!”

Then, to your surprise, he offered you a job.

Firedrake Helm

“It seems plain to me that Slag has infiltrated my staff. He must have been forewarned to have pulled off his escape so well. And I have noticed some discrepancies in my logbooks. I need someone to investigate the matter, and I can’t trust any of my own. So I’m appointing you.”

This wasn’t the kind of compensation you were looking for. You tried to explain this to Cabral, but he forestalled you and insisted that you help him sniff out the traitor.

“You may not think it, but you are the right type of person for this job. You will need to commit all manner of crime as you investigate, for we have no time for niceties. Storm the prisons to uncover whatever scraps of information you can. You may even have to mug some people on the streets. Once we know who Slag’s been paying, we can follow the money trail to our infiltrator. And don’t worry. I will make it worth your while!”

He shows you helms of power, chests of jewels, and other precious things. Who are you to turn down loot? And it’s not like you haven’t done this kind of work before.  You’ll just have to knock a few heads and learn the identity of the traitor. Of course, once you do locate him, who’s to say he won’t be willing to pay you even more to keep your mouth shut?

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