Beasts of Burden / Defend the Caravan

western caravan

Vice Admiral Guiomar Cabral was pleased with your training of his new cadets, still failing to realize how little loyalty to him they actually possess.

Cabral has summoned you to his office in Cockburn Town. He says, “It is time to put these new recruits to the test. I will be leaving soon, and I want you to come with me. Since you already have a strong relationship with these men, I expect you will do well keeping them in line. We are heading out on an overland expedition, and there are rumored to be dangerous beasts, bandits, and even some of those western Indians that may stand in our way…or which may try to rob us en route. We will need to eliminate anything that threatens. Admiral Sunderson is on his way here in the Burning Bush, and will be taking over affairs in the Caribbean while we’re away.”

You ask where you will be going, and Cabral remains vague. He says, “Suffice it to say that we must pass through a portion of the American Colonies until we reach the western frontier. Then we return. Think of it as a training exercise.”

While preparing for the trip, you have some of your curiosity satisfied by a message from Lucas. You meet him in the usual place: the Toothless Grin Pub.

Lucas grins as you take a seat, his purple-splotched cheek causing him to appear like a crazed killer already marked by his victim’s blood.

“Slag sends his regards,” he remarks. “And warns that Cabral seems to be going after one of the kasu artifacts.” When you express ignorance of the term, Lucas says, “Huh. I guess you really are in the dark. Everyone in the Ivory Order should know this stuff. Well, I don’t have time now, so it’ll have to wait. Just keep your eyes open for a unique item, or set of items, that Cabral seems particularly interested in. Whatever it is, we want it. And it’s literally your head if you don’t make sure it makes its way out of Cabral’s hands and into Slag’s. Just try not to give yourself away in the process.”

As Lucas walks away, you think about how this whole thing suddenly got a lot more complicated. Then you push away your worries and call for a drink. Life is good! And whatever happens, you’ll find a way to turn it to your advantage!

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