Bloody Victory / Wounds of War


colonial cityThe citizens of the Thirteen Colonies were welcoming enough. Most of them seemed poor and dirty, while a small segment of wealthy land holders kept to themselves and had as little to do with the unwashed masses as possible; much like the people of other cities you’d visited. The caravan would be headed west for weeks, and Cabral ordered you to keep a tight leash on the men and women who followed you, the recruits with hidden loyalties. That wasn’t much of a problem until you reached the frontier.

caravan watchingHere things were different, with most people on even footing. There was quite a variety, ranging from religious zealots to lawless scoundrels (some of which you thought might serve well on your personal crew), and whores in abundance. You managed to convince Cabral that a night of revelry would be good for morale, so he left matters in your hands. Your recruits kept in line for the most part, and only a little head-bashing was necessary. The trouble was usually from the locals. You found yourself thinking more than once that you had finally found land-pirates! Though these fellows used horses instead of ships.

comancheFinally, you reached your destination: Cahokia. It was an unusual settlement full of French settlers, Indians of various tribes, Spaniards, and British colonists who had left the Colonial boundaries. Even the occasional Dutchman had ended up here. Cabral immediately made contact with some Plains Indians. Then you were given your mission here: go join the wrong side of an Indian war and get hurt! Once injured, you must collect any information you can on who the honored warriors are in each tribe.

Comanche Medicine Woman

The Indians are hardy folk, and they push themselves to the limits even while injured. If you can manage find a medicine woman of the Comanche tribe, you might get her to make you a powerful elixir. If you can keep up with your Indian counterparts in recovery through the use of a Comanche Catalyst, your odds of success will be much greater.


Covenant Armband

Cabral is offering some special rewards for those who bring him the most names: some of the most valuable kasu artifacts in the world, called Covenant Armbands! Wearing these, even the rarest of treasures will not elude your grasp for long!


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