Buffalo Warriors / Blood Quest

bison-herdHaving successfully identified the honored warriors in each tribe, those brave souls called Buffalo Warriors, Cabral now wants you to take them out.

He says, “You must challenge them, one by one, to a one-on-one fight, and see who’s left standing! If you prove your mettle well enough, the tribe leaders may just name you a Buffalo Warrior, and bequeath you with one of the blessed Buffalo Hide War Shirts! Those shirts are kasu artifacts. It is said that a person who wears one is given extra power in their ‘Blood Quest’, allowing them to conquer their enemies more quickly.”

Buffalo Hide War Shirt

You prepare yourself for battle, sitting on a log and caring for your weapons and armor. An old warrior of the Algonquin tribe approaches you. You recall that he was one of the fellows you spoke with while having your wounds tended. Wakecirin. That was his name.

Wakecirin sits down, and says, “Listen well, salt-walker. Becoming a Buffalo Warrior is the greatest honor a man of the People of the Horse may receive. They are masters of themselves, friends of nature, and victors of the Blood Quest. If you intend to face one, you’d better put your earthly affairs in order first.”

indian-on-bisonAs if to verify his words, a tumult is heard as an apparent stampede of buffalo approaches! You rise to your feet, ready to run, when you notice men are riding the animals. They holler and shout, hurling spears into nearby straw mounds and leaping from the backs of the buffalo. One of them strides toward you.


He says, “You wish to be Buffalo Warrior? Then you must know the buffalo! Come. Get acquainted.” He takes you by the arm and then hurls you onto a pile of fresh dung.

His companions howl with laughter. You look up and smile. You are going to enjoy wiping that grin off of the red-man’s face!baby-bison

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