Freshwater Warfare / Great Lakes Navies

potawatomi-villageHaving been made an honorary Buffalo Warrior, you now spend some time recovering from your wounds. Your Indian companions are accommodating, but you are looking forward to leaving the plains. It will be a relief to hurl yourself into the sea and wash off all this dust!

Guiomar Cabral has already made plans to leave. He sent messages days earlier, ordering his ships to be sailed into the Great Lakes. Informants from the Potawatomi tribe had revealed secret routes by which the passage could be made, and now you are only awaiting their arrival. You and your recruits travel to the southwest bank of Lake Michigan. A pleasant fishing village of the Potawatomi is situated here. There is an abundance of garlic growing in the area, and the village is named for it. The locals call the place Chicagou. You enjoy gambling and mingling with the natives until the navy finally arrives, a little worse for wear.

Unfortunately, the timing of their passage coincided with an engagement by the Iroquois Confederacy, which Cabral’s navy cruised right into. Fighting off unexpected assailants, the navy evaded the Iroquois war canoes and reached Chicagou.

A hasty conference takes place. According to reports from the Indians, the Iroquois had been raiding the coasts of the lakes, and were currently headed to this area. The Potawatomi have secured the Lakota and Algonquin as allies, and now ask for your help.

war-canoesCabral chuckles to himself. “Seems we’re in the wrong place at the wrong time. Still…perhaps we can make this work to our advantage. After all, I doubt the vessels of the Iroquois will be any match for our own.”

Commodore Marks intones, “I’m not so sure, Vice Admiral…we already lost several yards of sail and some supplies to their fire arrows, and we nearly lost two of our ships. They dropped down from the trees, boarding us before we were aware and killing off crewmen.”

You interject, “Whatever it takes, my men and I will find a way to fend off these savages and get our ships back to the open sea!”

“No offense intended,” you mutter to your nearby Indian friends.

“None taken,” says Wakecirin. “Savage is as savage does,” he states with a straight face.

Lakota Breechcloth

Two Fists, chieftain of the Lakota, says, “I understand your haste to return to the rolling waters. Yet, if you would linger for a short time to help us fight off the Iroquois, we would be most grateful. For your assistance, we are willing to offer you something as precious as the Buffalo Hide War Shirts you have recently obtained.”

“These Lakota Breechcloths have been passed down for generations. They were blessed by the White Buffalo Calf Woman, washed in the spring waters of the Mississippi, and dried in the smoke of her Pipe. If you help us defend our lands, they will help you to slay many enemies at once.”

With the promise of yet another kasu artifact, Cabral immediately embraces the mission and asks you to prepare the vessels for combat. You are looking forward to seeing how well your salties fare against the lakers.

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