Present for the Poisoner / Season’s Beatings

lady-pirateMorena, your first mate, enters the room. “It’s about time you’re coherent again. I have some ill news. It seems that while you were struggling to stay alive, Sordis, one of your recruits, offloaded all the kasu artifacts and took off on a ship. Apparently, his loyalties were hidden from more than just Cabral. He’s probably the one who poisoned you.”

You swear to do nasty things when you get your hands on Sordis.

The old Algonquin Indian, Wakecirin, comes in, as well. He decided to stay with you and try out life at sea.

“If you allow me, I’m sure I can extract some information from some of Sordis’s companions.”

Morena asks him, “What will you do? Hang them? Keel haul them? Dangle them over sharks?”

Wakecirin fixes her with a flat gaze. He says, “Trust me. You’d rather not know.”

You’re still not certain what’s going on, but now that you’re back on your feet, you are eager to find out! Knock some heads around to discover what Sordis is up to, then track him down and deliver a special gift! The kind that would make Saint Nickolas cringe.

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