Holey Boats, Batman! / Blow Me to Bermuda!

night shipsYour first mate, Morena, steps into the room looking rather green. You are currently eating a lunch consisting of boiled octopus and canned spinach. You inquire about the interrogation, and offer her some lunch. Taking one look at your meal, Morena rushes to the window and lets loose the contents of her stomach.

“It’s really not that bad,” you say.

After composing herself, she returns to the table and sits, keeping her eyes averted from the food.

Morena says, “I just came from Wakecirin. He…”

She looks nauseous again. “He found out what we want to know. Sordis was part of a group hand-picked by Lucas. Lucas had them in place to steal whatever you found during your time with Cabral, and deliver it to him. That way he can take it to Slag instead of you and keep all the glory for himself.”

“The bastard!” you exclaim. “And after I spared him, too!”

Well, now you know his game, and have a chance to spoil it, thanks to your Indian friend, Wakecirin, and his unsavory talents.

You begin discussing methods of pursuit. For the last several days, you’ve simply been flying south-by-southwest, the wind filling your sails, since you know Sordis must be heading more or less this way. Last you heard, Slag may have been using Aruba as his base of operations since the battle at St. Vincent.

Morena proposes, “We could use my dowsing rod. Even if I can’t locate Sordis, he’ll be needing fresh water soon, since he offloaded so many supplies to make room for the treasure he stole. There aren’t many choices. Either he’ll have headed west to the Colonial coast, or he’ll have to stop at Bermuda.”

You give permission, and soon your vessels are taking a new course, toward Bermuda.

As you approach Bermuda, you can see numerous ships ahead. It looks like you’ve run into Sordis’s rendezvous! Time to steal back the kasu artifacts he plundered…and then send him to the bottom of the ocean!

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