Blowing Away the Competition / Keelhauling Lucas


keelhaulSordis somehow evaded your grasp, and is still on the run. Anticipating that he’ll head to Lucas, you make for Cockburn Town on Grand Turk. According to what Admiral Sunderson says, it seems that he has been here already and fled with Lucas. Thinking that reinforcements could be handy, you decide to come clean to the Vice Admiral. He’s not far behind you, and when he arrives and hears your tale, Guimomar Cabral is not very pleased with you.

Cabral growls, “So. This entire time you have been an agent of Slag? Well played. But are you a member of the Ivory Order?”

You reply, “What? You mean those loonies obsessed with the kasu artifacts? I don’t believe I was ever officially inducted. By the way, what does kasu mean?”

Wampum Headband

Cabral says, “Kasu is a Tamil word, used by people from India, which is the center of the Johns’ power. Kasu is like coin, or money, or in this case, treasure. The kasu artifacts are items with real power in the world that are capable of generating and finding great wealth. Up to now, the Ivory Order is the only group that has known about them, and was organized to track them down. But now the Knockers are catching up.”

You ask, “Wait, aren’t you a John? And who are the Knockers?”

Guiomar says, “I’m not actually part of the East India Company, no. But I work for them. I’m the Field Director of the Kasu Navy of Crusading Knights, or KNOCK. Admiral Sunderson here is Chief Director.”

Sunderson, a burly, sandy-haired man of few words, says, “I mostly deal with paperwork and legal issues. It’s not often things go so far sideways I get pulled into the field, like what happened here in the Caribbean. Big damn mess, is what it is.”

The explanation leaves you feeling even more confused, but you ignore it. You’re starting to think that these fancy organizations are starting to ruin your seas. It would be nice to be rid of them. Maybe you can keep playing them one against another until they wipe themselves out.

You state, “I think it’s time to end Slag’s activities here. I’d appreciate whatever support you can give me.”

Slag’s Base Coordinates

The two leaders of a clandestine order look at one another, then back at you. Cabral says, “Well, you’ve been a boon to me and my efforts. We can discuss how to sort things out later. Why don’t we get ready for a final push against Slag? His agents can’t be far. Take what you need, and hunt them down. The owner of The Toothless Grin claims to know where Slag is. Talk to him before you leave. Then train your men like there’s no tomorrow! Because hopefully there won’t be for Slag!”

You nod. “I’m on board. But before I get to Slag, I need to deal with Lucas. That treacherous bilge-slurper will be sucking seawater soon when I keelhaul him!”

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