Base Raid / Fragging Slag

Into the FogHaving dealt with Lucas’s treachery and obtained Slag’s base coordinates, you now make your way south to Aruba. The day is clear and bright as you navigate the Caribbean, enjoying the tangy salt air mixed with scent of various trees and flowers from the islands you pass. The eager rise and dip of your ship, the billowing sails, and the cool ocean spray on the back of your neck fill you with joy, reminding you of why you became a pirate in the first place.


And in that line of thinking, you imagine all the booty you could sail away with from this excursion. Gold, rare spices, silk. Jewels the like of which none have seen. And if you can manage to remove Slag, you can claim the Masamune as your own, along with his ship, the Grim Drudgeon, and its Mystic Propeller!

Grim Drudgeon

Caught up in daydreams, you almost miss the change in mood of your crew. As you approach the island of Aruba, you see a thick mist surrounding it. That’s highly unusual for the desert island so well known for its white sand beaches and dry climate. You order the sails be reefed as you approach with caution. Something’s not right here. Slowly, your vessel enters the mists…and within seconds comes right back out of them, facing away from the island. Several attempts produce the same result. It seems some kind of curse is keeping you from reaching the island. Well, you know who to see about curses…

Mystic Propeller

Time to head to Sint Eustatius and talk to Grandmother!

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