February Update

Barebones updates, no flare, no fluff, and lots of good stuff.

Old Ironbeard

  • Next generation testing for intuitive use allowing us to go mobile sooner.
    • Menu update & testing to utilize all screen space.
    • Live stats
    • New Player Creation Initial Setup
    • Port Hopping NPC’s
    • Fine Tune Auto-Grinding (expanding the functionality of the fishing permits into other uses)
    • Creating all new quests
    • Enhancing the Spice Markets and Inventories
    • Sorting Gang Vaults
  • 446Currently there is a competition running.  Click Here to enjoy Old Ironbeard’s Revenge which is the last in his series. So join in before it ends.
  • Speaking of the competition ending, since the server threw a curveball, we have increased the competition another 24 hours.
  • We added a new quest chain: Eye of the Sea
  • Also added the Draco Island: Troll Quests
  • The Caleuche now has Ghost Ship properties 
  • Click Here to Take Advantage of the Sale
    • For a limited time you will find a Rainbow Plate &  Mark’s Summers’ Sunflare Chilie
    • Spice Packs are on SALE 2.5X! Awake Potions and Training Boosers are on sale as well ‘Buy One Get One FREE!’
  • We have upgraded the server to compeletely new hardware giving us 25% more processors & over 600%  RAM capacity


As you can see, we have been extremely busy and have the goal of setting a marketing launch to get new players interested in our updated game within the next 4 months.

Long Overdue Update 1/18/2016

Ahoy you citric acid deficient pirates!  I guess “scurvy” would have worked instead 😉  It has been far too long since I have taken time to get this update out, and I wanted to go over some things that we have done and what we intend to do to keep these seas worth sailing.

You Might Have Missed

  • WhistlepigRandom NPC Port Spawns are now active, the Whistlepig and Troll Raiding Parties. Get searching in random ports and bring them down!
  • New incenseDark Fury Incense is ready for use and doubles attack to all gang members for 24 hours.
  • Have you tried the Haiti Quests yet? Beating Behemoths and Tree Hugging never felt so good!
  • Personal LTO Token

    Some new Player Inspired LTO’s that will be made available soon:

    • Professor Kyo’s Lab Coat
      Whether you’re working late-night in the lab, or spending the night out on the town, never leave home without protection.
    • Cdr. West’s Godsbane
      An almighty, divine blade made for Cdr. West. The bane of dark forces everywhere, Cdr. West is a pirate of honor. His legendary power has saved many a good seaman from an untimely meeting with Davy Jones!
    • Kagutsuchi’s Blood Staff
      In the Chronicles of the High Priest of Ziribain, the Fire God, it reads: “Bluntz’s Blood Staff is without a doubt the strongest weapon in the history of any universe. It’s power far surpasses that of all the gods. It’s power is used to destroy planets, although it is strong enough to destroy entire solar systems with ease.”
      Vaunted much? You’ll have to try it and find out!
    • Mr. Blues Pet Boulder
      The Rock had a jaded childhood and finally grew up. It’s not so nice anymore!
    • Chilly Cheek’s Frosty Mug
      A frosty mug fit for a queen! Sure to deal frostbite to whoever is foolish enough to stand within range!

What We Have Planned

A New Server for Breaking!Arena Upgrade & Downtime– Scheduled server update will launch on Arena, with Downtime Wed 1/20 at 3 am server time and they should last 2 hours.
Eventually these updates will speed up the servers quite a bit, but this is only step 2 of 5.

As well I know there are many players who would like to understand the minds of game makers.  We will be offering a series of posts soon to give you some insight on how those minds think and what we base some of our decisions on depending on the interest.


Company Update 12/19/2015

You Asked For It!

Ask & Ye Shall Receive

Ask & Ye Shall Receive

(Note: The sale should go live sometime today) So after begging, pleading and generally screaming with servers we have the Ask & Ye Shall Receive (within reason) Sale finally setup (had to do enter in every syphilitic puppy killin’ slimey bastitch item manually).  So rejoice and know that almost every request made the cut, though there were some items that we just couldn’t offer at the low prices you saw during the Black Friday Sale, many are still listed. Giving those extremely low prices would simply make it so that paying players would overwhelmingly dominate the game, and destroy the game balance we have been working so hard on for the past few months.  But rejoice, you can get your Frost Wands, Itineraries, Shiny Deeds, Delight, Twigs and more today!  Seriously, there is no waiting for the stuff you asked us to put up, so get into the shop (the arena shop here) and get what you wanted!  Show us your mother taught ya some manners, and give thanks as a comment on Facebook.

Main Comp – Icy Demise

Icy DemiseTaru’el and Ash’erah have slipped through your clutches for the last time! You find them back aboard ship, trying to escape. It’s time to bring everything you have to bear against them and wipe them out! But you see that your crimes at the Antarctic Casino have not gone unnoticed. After ridding the world of the ice wielders, you’ll have to high-tail it out of there, fending off your pursuers, until you can reach safe harbor.

Also, Saba Gecko Blood, Antilles Frog Eggs, and Bloody Hearts in players’ inventories will be cleared immediately before this competition.

Testing, Testing, Testing

home_bg.jpgThe past few weeks have been focused on testing the new content management system (Joomla) to help fix multiple bugs, and get many of our current features updated (Forums, Tavern, Private Chat, Gang Forums, etc…)  Planning stages of mobile devices are also going the rounds. While the new update isn’t mobile optimized yet, I find that I personally haven’t had any issues other than needing to zoom in on my android device.

Ye Asked TOO Much!

As always our post asking for a specific set of requests turned out the dogs begging for table scraps, though this did get us thinking and we are testing many of your requests.  Things like “Increasing Active Quest Logs”, possibly getting an inventory you can sort, or wanting to know, “LIKE WHY THESE HUGE trophy’s cost heaps and what they are for .”  Dath made it clear to me, “We shall NOT be revealing that information for christmas: It’s classified.”  Keep collecting and be ready for what comes of it.  

Some things just aren’t happening, such as shipping body parts or even a blown up version.  Islands are very costly (as seen here), but if you know Bill Gates and wanted to give us an introduction, I am sure we could work something out.

Merry Christmas, and if we didn’t mention you holiday please let us know with a good flogging in the comments so we can be more cultured during this time of the year!

Company Update 12/11/2015

This week we asked what you wanted, and have begun to compile the list of sale items we are bringing back for you. Reviewing your requests I must have mistakenly been thinking about what Rapp asked for, since I ended up sending a link to our entire company via company chat regarding a project I thought we might utilize for cross marketing after glancing at the cover (looked like a pirate comic book).  I was asked to step away from my desk for a few minutes immediately after posting that link and when I got back it was made clear that I should fully read these types of things before sending them company wide… While the whole team received extra ocular treasure this holiday season I am certain to get a lump of coal, and my wife must never find out why.

Ask & Ye Shall Receive

Ask & Ye Shall Receive

Dath’s guys have been focused on getting the new email verification system to work correctly, as well we have been testing the new and improved forum with Sub-Forums, movable posts, blockable signatures, and many other modern forum features that have been needed for a long time. Disallowing donating equipped items to a gang, come on you know it makes sense. Testing the Eternal Lantern, any guesses what this will do?  Enabling an NPC to randomly appear in different ports, as well as some new player features to make sure the transition is smooth when we are ready to launch the updated interface to the main server.

Blog or Not to BlogCaptain Vane has asked some questions about the blog efficacy in a few posts and we will be reviewing what you have offered to see if it can help us in the future, our goal with most of our “How to Play” blog posts is to make sure new players can easily find useful information on how to play the game correctly.


Company Update 12-6-2015

Company Update

Ahoy Pirates!  We have been working hard this week to keep the game fresh and continuing what you want!  Many of you have told us that you enjoyed the increase in competitions, but that doing one every weekend was just too much.  We have listened and  we will now have only 3 comps spread throughout the month.  In a couple of months we will send out a survey to see if you guys like only 3, or if you really want to go back to a weekly comp.

Draco Island

Draco Island


The final quests are being completed to enable access to Draco Island, so keep your eyes out for all types of werewolves.  Half-wolves, Loup-garou, and Darkwolves will be gathering in packs.  This can be accessed through the Queen Camel quests (in the Finding Avalon) quest chain.  Also as of 12/5 you have access to your choice of a Black Jack Item through the Old Ironbeard quest chain in Chile.

Have you noticed that we have a Booze Box? Two more drinks are available, Sex on the Beach (giving you +165 Def), and Hurricane (giving you +165 Spd). Go forth and quench your thirst!

And we know you can’t enjoy Booze without viewing some new Painting Trophies, which include Starry Night, The Lady of Shallot, & The Creation of Adam… just to name a few.

Besides launching the Titanium Trunk and Platinum Chest C for Black Friday, we also have a Jewel-Encrusted Chest with a new Limited Time Offer Hibonite Gem. Which also has encouraged us to make sure we resolved the current equipment balance (you know the Strength vs Defense thing).

There was an issue with the Prison Time in our Major comp before launch, you can all thank Dath for getting that fixed quickly.  Send him your first born barnacles to: Admiral Dath in the Everlasting Hills by the Salty Pond, having just moved here he would appreciate those critters to brighten up his place.

Drug Enhancing Spiky Troll Armor

Drug Enhancing Spiky Troll Armor

The next Legendary LTO will be the Troll Battle Armor, which you might want to get before the next pre-major comp, below are the times:
* Arena- 2p EST 12/8-12/10
* Main- 10p ESP 12/10-12/12
Players will receive points for Training ALL Attributes, but twice as many for seamanship. Also you will get points for sinking, which will be magnified by your accrual of Saba Gecko Blood, Antilles Frog Eggs, and Bloody Hearts.  Each item held has a probability of applying to the naval attack score: 90% for Bloody Heart, 75% for the others.  The story is that players are trying to kill Taru’el and Ash’erah and escape from Antarctica while being hunted by enemy ships.

We decided that since it is a holiday season, you should be able to sit on Master Solem-claus’ lap and ask for what you want.  So look for the message today pointing you towards the forum post about what you want to see on sale and what price you think is fair.  We have already had a request for the Frost wand, and it will be in the sack of goodies.

Fire Crafting now works in the new inventory, we are hoping to make the old inventory obsolete soon.  If you didn’t already hear this, we also have created a daily quest to earn gold… yes this is important enough to tell you twice!

Maybe it was frustrating to create an epic PNG file with incredible detail at a Full 4K resolution, only to see we restricted the size limits you could use on it.  Well now that will automatically resize to the restricted limits, if you don’t know about pixilation be sure to read up on it to prevent wailing and gnashing of teeth/keyboards when it resizes more than you would like.



BlackBeard’s Secrets to Pirate Training Step 1

Training to Be a Pirate – Step 1

Spd, Str, Def RubySo as a new player, it is important to focus on boosting your Strength, Defense, and Speed in your beginning training, though not in that exact order, explained below.  I say this because until you can save some gold and buy a ship that has any attacking capabilities, it is to your best advantage to start focused on simple hand to hand combat with other players or NPC’s.  Since all three stat’s go hand-in-hand, it is best to train those first.  Keep that in mind it is recommended that your Speed and Defense stats should remain higher than your Strength, but not too much higher.  My general rule of thumb is to keep Speed at the highest of the 3 stats, followed closely with your Defense, and finishing with your Strength.  When creating a new character, the Energy Level you start with is insufficient to exhaust the entire energy into on category, so in the beginning, try breaking the total energy level into three numbers.  For Strength, Defense, and Speed, I would recommend training the following amounts respectively:

  • Str: 3
  • Def: 3
  • Spd: 4

Now that we have taught you the basics of training, click here to learn more about building your pirate!




Company Update 11/27/2015

Company Update

Happy Bloated Day to all of our United States Fans!  To the rest of the players around the globe, take advantage of the gluttony that the Americans took part in yesterday, and count on their reactions being slow today.

What We Did This Week

Here are some company updates that you should probably be made aware of, the updates that happened this week:

  • Set up the next Major Competition, Turning the Tables
  • New Titanium Trunk!

    Great Black Friday Sale has been set up with EVERY THING at least 50% off or BOGO!  Many of them being 2.5x sales as well.  We also have a new Titanium Trunk that is worth over 100,000 favor that is going for 90% OFF TODAY ONLY!

  • We have set up a Facebook Competition where you can win up to $300 in loot! Comment and/or give an image of your Jolly Roger & encourage everyone you know to like your comment or pic for better chances to win!
  • Fire Crafting now works in the new inventory!  Now you can use that Concocting Professions correctly with the new inventory… Dath says, “Yer Welcome!”
  • We now have a daily quest to get gold drops via Skahz’ Coffer,
    • Quest number 512, or Critters for Cash is the daily quest that you can always get Skahz’ Coffer.
  • We also have a repeatable quest to get more of those Skahz’ Coffers by using the item Jersey Cow Milk which can be purchased in the Favor Shop.
    • Quest number 513 or Creamy Pottage requires the milk to repeatedly get those coffers multiple times per day!

Coming Up Next Week!

I Want Respect!

I Want FREEBIES!!!!!!!!

Now that I have told you about that, I should mention that we are planning another link event like our Talk Like a Pirate Day event where you will get multiple prizes for clicking links every hour!  We know you all wanted them to last longer, so I pulled a few strings and got them expire sometime after 24 hours.  I wasn’t told when they will exactly, but that should give everyone at least a full day to get all 50 freebie links that will tie in with the Prohibition comp that Commodore Skahz is running next weekend!



BlackBeard’s Secrets to Pirate Training Step 2

Training to Be a Pirate – Step 2

Energy Potion

Energy Potions… Someone should make a Monster version!

As you are training you will discover that your energy and awake levels deplete quickly.  One easy fix is to “Vote for Rewards” each day and receive the bonus Energy and Nerve Potions.  Also, if you get your respected status for each vote you will receive 3 of each potion as opposed to the one you would normally get as an unrespected pirate.  To learn more about Respect status click here, and discover the benefits received in that post, but suffice it to say that the sooner you get your respected status the better.  The other potions you will need to boost train are awake potions.  There are several different types of Awake Potions that fill your Awake meter to different degrees, but the main potions are Focused Awake Potions (which are not transferable), Awake Potions, and Half Awake Potions.  These potions can be acquired through completing Quests, opening Treasure Chests, joining Gangs that actively compete in in-game Competitions, purchasing potions through the Grand Spice Trading Store (the first of which is in Port Royal), playing in Competitions that offer Awakes as reward, and finding/asking other kind higher leveled players for donations.

Move Yer House Ye Dogs!

WRONG!  Move To A NEW House Ye Dogs!

Once you have accumulated Energy Potions and Awake Potions, you can begin to Boost Train.  Boost Training is where you train your full amount of energy in one particular stat, and then click the image of the Energy Potion to refill your energy.  As you train at a lower level, it will take longer to deplete your Awake bar (located in the top right portion of the screen, but once that is depleted entirely; simply click the image next to the particular Awake Potion you want to use and continue boosting.  Keep in mind, however, that the lower your Awake status drops the less you will increase the training stat you are focusing on.  In the beginning of your training, I recommend training 5 times in your Speed stat, 4 times in your Defense stat, and 3 times in your Strength stat (sometime 4 times in Strength if you have enough Awake to accomplish this).  If you want to increase your Awake levels, simply save your gold and move to a new house under the “Move House” link in the “Things to Do” Category on the left hand column.


11/20/2015 Company Update

What’s Been Updated-

  • Added new daily quest that yields a chest full of gold called Skahz’s Coffer
  • The Weekly Comps are completely planned out through Christmas, 12/25, this year, and most of January in 2016 is planned out as well.
    Black Jack is Here!

    Black Jack is Here!

  • Master Solemus is almost finished with increasing toughest NPC’s and releasing new Max Level quests each month.
  • We have worked on game balance, and now are focused on creating new items that increase our best items, ship & mods by 10% – 20% for a type or slot.
  • We have noticed that every time we release a new LTO Chest with new items, that you guys love them.  So we decided to increase our love back to you and plan for a new chest each month.  You’re Welcome
  • We have a Tome of Secrets that has been released on the server.
  • You may have noticed some Kickstarter campaigns that some of our team has backed on our Facebook Page.  We figure we would share some of the things we are excited about, and later on we will be asking these creators to help us share our own kickstarter efforts next year.

Coming Before the End of the Year

As promised last week, we have some exciting things coming next month and I am leaking them now!

  • Solemus... Please Stop Drinking!

    Solemus… Please Stop Drinking!

    I can’t say much about big events after Turkey Day, but get ready to prison break.  Practice Thursday by breaking up wish bones. Also I hear that Solemus has already broken into our super secret kegs a week early this year I hope he doesn’t accidentally put everything on sale again.

  • Player Creation Tools will be planned and begin development, this is where players will be able to create their own quests and balanced items for other players to use.
  • Creating and implementing a New Player Experience that helps new players learn the game mechanics and give them enough knowledge and gold to be able to compete with other pirates, as well as discussing a Master/Minion program setup where experienced pirate will be able to teach new pirates how to play.
  • We will be moving to a new system to Vote for Favor.  This should help with the problems our current system seems to give some players & allow players to more easily obtain free favor.

Let us know how excited you are, or if there is something else you have wanted to see happen with the game that might be coming out in December.


BlackBeard’s Secrets to Pirate Training Intro

BlackBeard’s Secrets to Pirate Training

scary pirate

Trying to Get Blackbeard’s Secrets?

Let’s be Frank for a moment, training can be difficult and confusing.  Do not fret, there is help to this conundrum!  Training can be broken down into a few basic steps.  Following these steps will not ensure you the perfectly trained Character, but I can promise that they will help.  The following steps will help you to become the Pirate you always dreamed of being; whether you want to follow the pure route and defend other helpless Pirates, or become the most ruthless, blood-thirsty Killing Machine.  So hold on to your boot straps and follow these simple steps to Training.

When training your character, there are four key attributes to focus on: Strength, Defense, Speed, and Seamanship.  Each attribute goes hand-in-hand with the other in terms of developing your character.  

For example: Strength affects your character’s ability to attack other players, but if you only have a high strength statistic without an equal or higher Defense statistic; then you can attack all you want but when the other character attacks back you won’t be able to defend yourself.  

The most important attribute to focus on at first is Speed, which determines which player strikes first.  If you have a speed that is higher than the character you wish to attack, then you attack first.  Sometimes with a high enough Strength stat, coupled with a high Speed (that is higher than who you are attacking), you may be able to attack first and defeat the other character in the first round of attacks before they can retaliate.  

Inversely, if you have a higher Strength stat. coupled with a higher Defense statistic, then when you enter a battle they can attack first but you will be able to defend yourself and follow with a potentially defeating blow.

Dissenting Opinion by CarsRFun:

Heres the secret guys.. all you need to train is Speed and Seamanship.. do that and you will be beast!!!