How To Play The Game

There are so many way to find out how to play Rule The Seas a text based massive multiplayer online game.  Between the Startup Videos, Wiki, Tavern, Web Forums, and additional sources that we are not aware of, there are many ways to try and figure out how to play.

Though if you have looked at more than one of these areas, you know that currently each source ends up making different claims.  This is part of the growing pains we are facing, having obtained code written by another dev & attempting to streamline it without ruining the core aspects of the game that our current player base has come to love.

Our goal is to clean up all the different sources and have one unified How to Play Rule the Seas set of information. We will begin with the pages on this blog, and then update all the other sources.  We appreciate all the player assistance given so far, and we promise to do everything we can to get through this quickly.